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If only this were a calico cat…

What does radical gratitude mean to me?

Acknowledging Limits

Do you also struggle with acknowledging limits when it comes to helping others?  So today I want to write about something on which I’ve recently been working that I’ve been advised about a lot but I never actually tried to put it into practice… Setting boundaries with when I can and cannot help.  I really needed to get honest with myself and others when acknowledging limits for a handful of reasons. 

photo of people having dinner together

One Year Ago – Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Last Dinner: A Reflection One year ago on Sunday, March 1, 2020, my mother and father, Clare, Pappou, Sean, and I had dinner together.  We went to this Mexican place we like in our town.  I remember a friend calling Sean and me to hang out as we were walking over – I’m glad

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struggling? gentile reminders: basically, it's okay and take it easy.

Struggling? It’s Okay!

Gentle Reminders when Struggling It seems a fair amount of others and myself seem to be struggling lately. It’s okay. Breathe. Try to take it easy. Came across this pretty little chart of some gentle reminders for bad days/weeks/etc. from Blessing Manifesting, which is an amazing site I recommend everyone check out. Try to have

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