My Birthday This Year

Hey guys, guess what day it is? I’m sure you already figured this out from the title of the post, but it’s my birthday! I know this post is kind of different than my usual posts, but this is lizkaythediary, so here’s my diary entry for the day, a day for which I am super grateful! As expressing gratitude is important to me, I figured it’d be worth sharing my day here.

So I’ve had a lot of really bad birthdays in the past, like my 23rd birthday being at Arman’s funeral, 28th being at a health facility, etc. but my absolute worst birthday was my 30th last year. I don’t even want to get into all the details publicly here – if you want to know how bad it was, I can tell you over private messenger – but please just take my word and consider the fact that it was two months after the love of my life died – it was BAD.

This year, all I was hoping for was a birthday better than that (which pretty naturally would be a given unless something catastrophic were to have happened) and to not just sleep through the day. When my super cool uncle with whom I have some pretty neat adventures asked if I wanted to do something today, I was thrilled! We didn’t really have an itinerary until early this afternoon, but the day played out swimmingly well. I’m so grateful for him to have spent his Sunday exploring for me and just wanted to share what the day entailed, so here’s what we did!

A late birthday brunch at what is now going to be a favorite spot of mine

So I love acai bowls but locally there wasn’t a place to get them until recently. Luckily for me, a place called Playa Bowls opened up down the street and I have been hyped to try it out since I heard it was coming. Well, that hype wasn’t misplaced because this place lived up to it!

Trip to the quarry

Next stop was the quarry. When I had a car, Sean and I would swing by here all the time. I have been wanting to go back for a while, but unfortunately haven’t been able. My uncle had always heard about the quarry, so I got to be the one to show him it! I wish I had brought my swimsuit, but just being by the water, hiking around, and putting my feet in was pretty satisfying itself. =)

Exploring Forest Glen

Per my mom’s suggestion, we decided to check out Forest Glen next. While sadly a lot of the cool old remains of Forest Glen have since been turned into condos, we did find some cool old remains and statues tucked away while we walked around the area.

Walk down memory lane…

Close to Forest Glen is where both Jim and I grew up. We drove by our old schools, old homes, and even went by the stables where I rode horses for years and where as a kid Pappou used to also take me to see the horses on the way home from school.

Finally a dank birthday dinner!

Last stop was to Stained Glass Pub to pick up one of the absolute best pizzas ever! For real, in my book there is no better pizza.

Thank you, Uncle Jim!

So that was my birthday day with my cool Uncle Jim! Pretty great day, right? =)