Hey everyone – I just realized I never shared something amazing one of my new online buddies painted for me! I am proud to present to you #thesilentscream by the super talented Matt Abraham!

Matt reached out to me regarding a different matter, but we ended up chatting away. During this conversation, Matt was moved by some of what I shared and was inspired to paint this. When I received the painting, I was stunned by its beauty and depiction of emotion. Gratitude pours out of me like waves roll out on the shore; thank you so much, Matt.

The conversation that lead to this painting (shared with Matt’s permission).

While #thesilentscream alone displays Matt’s talent, I wanted to share another work of his as well. Below is #devine, a painting he made for someone special to him that reflects loving again.

#devine by Matt Abraham

Once again, the colors, texture, and imagery used really help depict the artist’s emotion in a beautiful way. I am so blessed that Matt took some of his time to paint something for me and I’ll treasure it always. Thank you again, Matt. <3