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liz kay & her diary aka lizkaythediary

About Liz Kay & Her Diary (aka lizkaythediary)

Hey, I’m Liz Kay. I’m a 30-year old cat loving widow. I’m also mentally ill (and totally chill). I’m just trying to help everyone I can while I heal myself through my writing too. I was doing this through my Facebook page and Facebook support groups, when I was advised to start a blog – well, actually, I was advised by my best friend to make it my diary.

This is my place where I share openly about what’s going on in life and topics that are important to me- especially mental health, grief journeys, gratitude, self-esteem, and support – healing all around. I’ll discuss my struggles and how I work through them, outlined in ways so that others can hopefully relate.

I hope you’ll like what I have to say.

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My Life

Just a place where I discuss the happenings in my life – and I have A LOT going on – openly and honestly and in a way that is relatable. My life may have some really low, rough points, but it’s often filled with great things too! If there is anything you are curious about, feel free to ask as this is an interactive diary!

You can also expect to hear about and see pictures of my beloved cat, Patches’ life! She’s a gorgeous dilute calico tabby (“calibby” I believe) who I rescued years ago from a farm and has been my best friend ever since!


I’ve been through a lot. Like a lot, a lot. You’ll hear more as I continue to write – maybe I’ll even write a book one day as it’s been suggested to me. It’s time for me to heal. Let’s try to heal together.

I really started healing after I wrote my Open Letter. It’s what got me back into writing!

Mental Health

Mental health has always played a significant role in my life. So due to that, I’m a huge advocate for mental health awareness! I personally suffer from a couple different diagnoses. I’ll discuss some of the healthily coping skills I have developed through the years and mental illness as a whole. I think everyone should develop better understanding of mental health, what it means to them, and how to manage to work through the hard times that may arise. I’m basically a personal expert when it comes to those matters. I got this way through my own experiences and hundreds of hours of research. (I’m obviously not an expert.)

Radical Gratitude

A phrase I randomly started using that makes life more than okay and worth living during the toughest times.

Basically what it is to me is to try to just give everything credit for what you do have/did have, however little it may seem at the time. Plus I love the word “rad.”

You can read my definition and outline here.

Grief Journeys

I have found writing and helping others to be very key when it comes to dealing with my grief. I’m no stranger to loss, as many others can unfortunately say. My posts here will document my grief journey, as well as others’. I’ll share in simple terms what helps me and them move through grief. My most notable losses have been Sean Michael, my fiancé whom I was with for 6.5 years and knew over a decade; Arman, another man whom I loved more than life istelf; and most recently, my Pappou. You will definitely hear about and see them.


I have struggled my whole life with getting the support I need. Recently I figured it out for me and it’s amazing though! I want to help get you there too. You’ll have to put in some work because what works for me might not be what you want or need. All I can do is share what I’ve learned.

Here’s something I wrote on finding support/two of my favorite resources!

Here’s an awesome poem a friend wrote about me – Titled Simply “Liz Kay”

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Caricature of Liz Kay and Patches

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