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If only this were a calico cat…

What does radical gratitude mean to me?

struggling? gentile reminders: basically, it's okay and take it easy.

Struggling? It’s Okay.

Gentle Reminders when Struggling It seems a fair amount of others and myself seem to be struggling lately. It’s okay. Breathe. Try to take it easy. Came across this pretty little chart of some gentle reminders for bad days/weeks/etc. My friend Deb shared it in her Facebook groups, Oh! It’s Just My Bipolar Talking Again!,

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Mental Health Bloggers Network – Facebook Group

Hey everyone, happy Friday! Hope you all had a good week. Since I find Facebook groups to be so valuable, I made a new one for mental health bloggers to network! I just wanted to post real quick about a Facebook group I made for people who blog about mental health in any way, shape,

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Quick Weekend Update

January 31, 2021 Since I’m on this blog kick right now I figured I should give an update. The blog kick started because I accidentally wrote something healing yesterday that I’m going to share, I just want to give it a fresh look later on. So first off, it’s been very nice to feel supported

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