January 31, 2021

Since I’m on this blog kick right now I figured I should give an update. The blog kick started because I accidentally wrote something healing yesterday that I’m going to share, I just want to give it a fresh look later on.

So first off, it’s been very nice to feel supported by my friends and even strangers today. Like so nice, it’s exactly what I needed, along with especially the great conversations about writing. Last night after I accidentally wrote my piece, I had an extremely frustrating night dealing with an issue with my Facebook page for the blog that ended up being an hour and a half waste of time and led me to come across some stuff that made me feel let down and discouraged. As I have been feeling discouraged overall lately and doubting everything, it made me wonder if I should even still write. I tend to always give myself a hard time and I did that again. I was not practicing gratitude, that’s for sure. I just kind of felt hurt.

Everyone really helped change my day though this morning and this afternoon, so for that, what I made my overall self-care day, boundaries, my fireplace, snow, everything else that has lifted my mood today, and of course Patches like always and Gigi too – I am now grateful again.

I also wanted to give a quick update that I haven’t posted much lately because I’m dealing with some personal issues and I’ve been stressed because of them, among other things. This has affected my confidence and my overall well-being dramatically, but I’m trying to navigate through it and just need some space to myself please. I will figure it out with my team I already have – my doctor and my therapist are two of the people dedicated to helping me and that’s enough for me right now. I won’t hesitate to reach out if I need something though, like I did this morning.

Since I was already dealing with all of that, I was really reverting to my old insecure self which I’ve worked so hard to not be anymore. Thanks to those who really stepped up today, I am feeling better, a lot more grateful, and have gotten excited about writing again.

Also, it is nice having this snow day to just finally chill out for a bit by the fire for the first time this winter thanks to starter logs. I’ll never figure out how Sean always built them, oh well. So add starter logs to my list of blessings.

Love you all. Talk to you later. xoxo