January 14, 2020

Stupid Survey Question.

When filling out a random survey today, an online banking questionnaire of all things, the open ended question at the end just had to be “if you could have dinner with any person in the world, alive or dead, who would it be and why?” While I would do anything to have dinner with Pappou again as well (or Arman for that matter; three of the top four men I’ve been blessed to have in my life), I maybe somewhat obviously chose Sean. 💔

I wonder if they got more than they were asking for with my dinner with the dead response – here’s what I said:

This one is pretty easy – I would have dinner with my late fiancé, Sean William Michael, one more time. He was the best friend, lover, partner in crime, etc. I ever had and I miss him so much more than words could ever explain. He died very suddenly in a distressing situation, so to have a better last memory would make a world of difference for my grief. Lastly, it would provide me a chance to hear his voice again; hold him again; ask him all the questions that have popped up in my mind since he died; let him know what I’ve been up to; share as much as I can remember of all the things I have wanted to tell him; and, most importantly, exchange “I love you” one last time since we didn’t get to have a good last one.

It would have to be a long dinner…

I’d love to hear what your response would be: who would you choose?