January 6, 2021

Real quick – I just wanted to share something a friend of mine, Chris/Sol (who is amazing with words), whom I met through support groups, surprised me with the other day. It really meant like the world to me that I struggled to express my gratitude, so I hope this post gets that across better. I really do just want to help everyoneeee so this really made me feel like my efforts are appreciated and noticed. 🖤

Liz Kay

She says Hey do you need Support
I say Nay I’ve got some stuff to Sort

The next Day she says don’t sell yourself Short
But I Sway because I treated life like a Sport

But Ms Kay doesn’t take no as a Thwart
She seems to know I’m Grey as she stays a Consort

She Suffers and I see her Pain
But she shines with Colours as she stands in the Rain

She sees through my Cover of Ane
As if she’s a Mother for the Insane

She’s a Lover with nothing to Gain
And I’m a Sucker who keeps trying to Feign

She stands Strong with an open Heart
Singing her Song and playing her Part

It’s hard to see what she does Wrong with such an Art
If one needs to Belong she can be their Kick-start

She’ll pluck you with her Tongs as she’s pretty Smart
Compassion for the Throng that’s off the Chart

If I need a Friend she’s one Indeed
There to Mend when I’m in Need

She doesn’t Pretend as I can see her Bleed
I’m watching her Ascend with lightning Speed

Join her Blend and I’m sure you’ll Agree
She’ll help you Transcend and finally feel Free. ~

Sol Tano Jinn

What do you think? (I obviously love it of course.) I’ve been meaning to post stuff of his for a while, but with something so personal and special to me, how could I not? You can still look out for more in the future though!

If you’re interested in seeing more of his art – which you really should check out – I linked his Facebook page above!

Weird unrelated thing: I just finished this post at 11:11, which was Sean and my “besos” time. Lately I’ve been catching that time more and more often.

(Picture taken by me when I was fortunate enough to intern in Hawaii all those years ago.)