December 9, 2020

Hey everyone! I just want to start this out by saying I hope everyone tries to make this day as good as it possibly can be, whatever that currently may be for you. 💙

I know lately I haven’t been as active as I hoped to and have been trying to be, I’ve just had a lot going on recently – some serious, some not, just a lot of things to deal with. I just wanted to give a couple quick updates. I’m saving the best for last, so get ready!

  • I’ve been focusing a fair amount on continuing to be an active member of mental health communities, supporting others in need, and doing outreach as best as I am able. I’m fortunate to have found the resources and communities I came across a few months ago, as they have really helped me better understand and learn to cope with my challenges, while also providing me some much needed extra support. While therapy and psychiatry are vital, there’s often a gap in between appointments and I’ve found a way to fill that gap for myself (it’s definitely not a stand-alone though – professional help is needed in virtually all cases. It’s a shame it’s not as accessible to all who need it, in America and across the world). I am planning a post on various resources in the future – so look out for that – but in the meantime, I created a great support group for others who struggle with bipolar disorder. If you would like to know more about that, feel free to contact me! =]
  • I named a binary star set after Sean and me this morning. I know the names aren’t officially recognized by NASA, etc., but to have a place in the sky that is “ours” is something I will definitely cherish, plus I’ve always been in to astronomy. I’m eager to be able to look up into the night sky and see our stars orbiting in a celestial dance together. 🌌 Here’s what I put together for it:
    • Star One: SWM Charcuterie
    • Star Two: LJK Babycakes
    • Sean Michael & Liz Kay – May our love continue to shine in the heavens. When I look to the sky, may I only feel peace in your presence. xoxo
  • I feel like I had other things I wanted to share, but I guess I’ll have to get back to you on that/them!


An amazing woman named Kat B. reached out to me the other week to see if I was interested in doing a workshop on healing through gratitude with her and of course I said yes! Workshops are (were?) part of my ultimate goals that I thought wouldn’t come for at least a year or so, but I already have one in the works! It will be a fun and interactive event next month (January 2021) where she and I will share everything we can offer with anyone interested! Kat seems like a phenomenal person overall and I’m so excited to team up with her. Just knowing her and working on this will be a great experience for me (and hopefully you too) to learn other ways I can use my journey to better help others – the main reason I set out on this path! I will be doing a more in depth post about the workshop shortly. Get excited for this, I know I am!

To learn more about who Kat is and what she does, click below:

Kat’s Website | Medium Kat B Facebook Page

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any and all questions, feedback, ideas, etc.!