October 16, 2020 Facebook Post

So first and foremost, I love you all and I hope you have a great day today! If you want the tldr; of this post, it’s about how sharing has changed EVERYTHING for me.

I was talking with an old friend yesterday, who I honestly was never all that close with and we fell out of touch throughout the years, but she’s really shown up for me lately and I’ve learned we can totally really relate. I told her how being open recently has COMPLETELY changed things for me, like I was SO MISERABLE before, but now I KNOW I can get through this. Like, not going to lie, but this has probably saved my life, no exaggeration, thanks to that Open Letter I posted. She asked how and I decided to share this publicly.

So the first reason is, it’s given me a voice, something I was so scared to use allllll my life, but especially now since I felt like no one wanted to listen to me and kept getting hurt with people not responding. But now, since I’ve been open, I’ve received a TON of positive feedback, encouragement, and even people thanking me, as well as running my small fundraiser for the Crisis Text Line in honor of Sean William Michael! (of which, at the very least you should read what I put together and donate if you are able – if you want to contribute but can’t, please reach out to me) #plug lol but yeah, I am now realizing I DESERVE to be able to share what I have going on (as do you!) – it raised almost $1,000!

But yeah, it’s so amazing, and I’m a Leo, so of course I love it. 🦁

But another big thing is it’s increased my support network so much. Like, it’s so rad, I now have a network of which people should be jealous. It’s also been helping me see where I should place value right now (like in her). Like, for now, I need to cut some people out of my life, for their sakes as well as mine. It’s not that it doesn’t hurt – it STINGS – and that I won’t be their friend down the line, I just need to stop reaching out to them for the time being, regardless if what I have to say is good or bad. I’m guessing whatever just must be too much for them? I still love them though and cherish the good times we’ve had.

Third, it’s allowed me to reallyyyy be there for my friends. I have people reaching out to me now who need some extra support and I’m so BLESSED to be able to be there for them. 💙

And lastly, I’ve rediscovered that I really like writing and am now able to admit I process best when I share what I have going on with others.