November 27, 2020

Just wanted to write briefly about my amazing Thanksgiving yesterday as it was a great day and I’m so thankful for it.

I started the day out leaving the calming marina/boat I was staying at for the past almost two weeks. I had a nice drive back to the area with two of my good friends.

The weather was amazing all day yesterday, everywhere I was.

I then went over to my family’s house. We are so lucky and blessed to have been able to spend that time together as nothing beats Thanksgiving with your family – those closest to you through memories and blood.

We were only able to get together because all of use have been strictly adhering to all of the COVID suggestions like everyone should. This is life and death. My brother even took a COVID test so he could join us. We have to be strict about this as my sister is severely handicapped and my mom sees my elderly Pappou (Greek for “grandfather”) once a week – I’m so jealous about that, she and he are so fortunate to be granted that one little mercy. So if anyone were to have COVID it would probably be literally deadly for my family. Unfortunately Pappou wasn’t able to join us and carve the turkey this year.

It really is a strange time to be alive.

Anyways, we had a beautiful dinner filled with great conversations and laughs. I had a vegan field roast like I do every year that is delicious!

We ended the dinner with pie and a birthday song and cake for my dad’s birthday, which was on the 24th, then hung out in the living room for a while.

Thank you mom and dad for putting this all together. 🧡

This was my first holiday without Sean (aside from our birthdays – his was exactly one week from the day he died and mine was two months and two days later). I still missed him all day, but I was lucky my mind didn’t linger there all day.

Also! I got my Secret Santa gift yesterday, pictured below. Thanks Thanos and also Mal!!! If you want cute, unique, handmade – but professionally so – jewelry, check out MushyMew’s etsy store and support a small woman-owned business! I personally own a couple things she’s made and have bought them for a friend too (who loved it and couldn’t decide what to get). She also packages everything super cute, so it’s all gift ready!