Screenshots for Success

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November 19, 2020

What are “Screenshots for Success?”

A Way to Build Self-Confidence

So I started out a while back taking screenshots every time someone would say nice things about me, just to have to look back on when I am feeling down about myself. This has ended up being effective in more ways than just that alone, and for that and these screenshots, I am grateful. I hope this will have a similar effect for you. (How to take a screenshot.)

People were saying nice things a lot and I’d blow them off as them just pitying me and trying to be nice. They were always meaningful before, but a lot of the time they came from close friends who knew exactly what I was going through, so regardless of the content, I wrote them off as having a bias for me. I still took screenshots though. Don’t downplay anything.

Even still, they were effective at making me feel better about myself when I needed to look back, so screenshot them regardless of how you feel at the time. They also invoke a lot of gratitude towards my friends and their kind and thoughtful words, so they weren’t as meaningless as I originally wrote them off to be.

BUT since I started practicing my radical gratitude and sharing about it, things have accelerated exponentially and my screenshots folder is overflowing with with so many truly wonderful things to hear, often from complete strangers. This has had a dramatic effect on my life in terms of feelings of self worth. Small things like this are why I feel my increase in confidence is genuine.

I haven’t been okay with myself most of my life, but I’m starting to be now!

Please, if you’re struggling like I was, just start taking screenshots of everything you can whenever someone expresses that they care, even if you don’t fully believe it. At least then you will have some kind words all in one place to look back at if you can’t think of anyone to whom you should reach out.

Honestly, I don’t even have to look back at the screenshots anymore because I have realized how many people actually do care about me. I still take screenshots though, because I know that one day if I’m ever feel like I’m not worthy, I have a place full of quick little love notes to look back on.

The picture I attached to this post is just one of many examples I have in my folder of screenshots.

So that’s why I call them “screenshots for Success. =)

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