Something a friend shared with me that’s a nice follow-up to today’s earlier post!

This is an awesome and nice little radical gratitude challenge that makes it so simple! Thank you so much for sharing, Sol!

I can personally think of something for each one, which I never could have done before! So I mean it when I say that gratitude does eventually come naturally and genuinely.

“Liz Kay, so I started a 30 day gratitude challenge today. At one time I was all negative a hundred percent of the time. But lately I’ve been feeling like I have a lot to be grateful for. I try to say that I’m grateful everyday. Though it is a New concept for me. Cause my mind likes to show me a lot that I can be ungrateful for. But oftentimes I find myself being reminded of how there are so many that have it worse than me. And as where I lost a lot of old friends I seem to be gaining new ones. And yet I somehow managed to hold on to a lot of old Friends, even though I think they’re leery of me at this moment. Expecting me to go backwards. I have a lot to prove. But mostly to myself. The battle that bipolar people go through is heavy. And to be able to find gratitude in it can oftentimes be a challenge. But if we look hard enough it’s there. I love this post and you did put a lot of thought into it. Congrats and thank you for being so open.”

Sol Tano Jinn (an amazing poet whose work I will be featuring).

Thank YOU too for everything, you’re a great friend I’m FORTUNATE to have connected with. 🖤

Liz Kay
November 15, 2020 (#2)