July 1, 2020 – Two Weeks Out

I can’t believe that a single moment has passed since we last told each other “I love you,” since I woke up next to you, laughed with you, did anything with you at all, even the mundane tasks, let alone over two weeks now. I’ll never get over losing you, my perfectly suited best friend (seriously, how did we share such similar tastes in almost everything?) and the firey love of my life. We got through SO many hardships together and now I have to get through this without you… The ache I’ve felt since you left has been indescribable, which is fitting as our love was truly indescribable as well. I am blessed to have been in love with such an amazing sweetheart for all these years, and for him to have in turn been in love with me as well. We were blessed to have experienced the love we shared; not everyone is as fortunate and we did get to share over six years of it. I remember how soon after we started dating that we were sitting in that yellow room and you told me you thought you loved me and I told you I felt similarly; it was within a few mere weeks. The memories we made during our relationship, of which there were supposed to have been many more (you’d always say “you know I’m going to marry you one day, right?”), I will always cherish. You were my everything – my partner, love, best friend, bedrock; my recent past, present, and what was supposed to be my future; my first thought every morning and last thought every night (of that you still are) – and I wanted to thank you for that. Though I yearn to, I struggle with believing in an afterlife, but I hope to be proven wrong one day and be reunited in your arms again. I’ll carry you in my thoughts and with my unending love for you everyday until my time comes and hope that maybe you’ll be there to greet me. Until then, I love you forever charcuterie.

xoxo besos,

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Liz Kay
July 1, 2020